Considering Membership?

The ISPCP is represented primarily through Associations recognized as qualified to represent a broad range of commercial interests within the ISPCP. A list of our current members can be found HERE.

Business and commercial entities are also allowed to apply for membership if they

  1. are ISPs or connectivity providers (as defined in Section 2 of our original andproposed Articles, and our Operating Procedures) and
  2. demonstrate, that the activities of the GNSO commercially affect themselves and
  3. understand, that the Delegates appointed need to participate on a regular basis in the work of the Constituency.

Evidence of the foregoing shall be provided by the applicant in the form of a written declaration to the ISPCP Secretariat.

Applying entities should show they fulfill either set of the following criteria:

  • that they are an association representing a broad range of commercial interests within the ISPCP
  • that they are an ISP or connectivity provider (as defined in Section 2 of our originaland proposed Articles, and our Operating Procedures), are affected by the activities of the GNSO and agree that their Delegate will be requested to regularly participate in the work of the constituency

Applications should contain a statement proving fulfillment of the criteria. Further, an application should state:

  1. Name of the organization/company
  2. Name and email address of the person whom you would like to become your (designated) Delegate
  3. Statement declaring the active participation of the Delegate
  4. Any other information you consider of importance