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Policy Statements

This ISPCP contributes to ICANN policy making through a variety of processes.  This page is where we post major policy documents after they have been reviewed and approved by the members.

The ISPCP participates in ICANN’s Public Comment and in community discussions.


2021-2023 (FORTHCOMING)




ISPCP Public comment on the Initial Report on CSC Effectiveness - February 2019


Comment on Consultation Paper Next Steps on Reviews - October 2018

ISPCP comment on Long-Term Options to Adjust the Timeline of Reviews - August 2018

ISPCP Statement on the Independent Review Process Draft Supplementary Rules of Procedure proposed by Implementation Oversight Team (IOT) - August 2018

Comments on the NomCom2 Review - May 2018

Comments on the FY19 Proposed ICANN Budget - April 2018

Comments on NomCom Review Assessment Report - February 2018


ISPCP Comments on WS2 Jurisdiction Recommendations - November 2017

Proposed Dates for ICANN Public Meetings 2021-2023 - October 2017

ISPCP Comment on the Statistical Analysis of DNS Abuse in gTLDs (SADAG) Report - September 2017

Letter to ICANN CTO re: Continued Awareness of Relevant Technology Developments and Potential Impact on the ICANN Community - June 2017

Response from ICANN CTO to ISPCP Letter - August 2017

ISPCP Comment on Recommendations to Improve SOAC Accountability - May 2017

ISPCP Comment on the Deferral of Country Code Names Supporting Organization - May 2017

ISPCP Comments on ICANN's FY18 Operating Plan and Budget - April 2017

ISPCP Comments on the Proposed ICANN Community Anti-Harassment Policy - January 2017

ISPCP Comments on the Update Supplementary Procedures for IRP v2 - January 2017

ISPCP Comments on the Proposed ICANN Identifier Technology Health Identifier Definitions - January 2017



Continuous Data-Driven Analysis of Root Server System Stability Draft Report - December 2016

Statement on the Economic Impact of New TLDs - December 2016

Response Letter to the Board regarding new gTLDs - September 2016

Comment on the IANA Naming Function Agreements - September 2016

Comments on the ICANN new draft bylaws - May 2016



Comments on  2nd Draft Proposal of the Cross Community Working Group (CCWG) on Accountability  — December 2015

ISPCP Statement  the on CCWG — Dublin, 21 October 2015

Comments on New gTLD Auction Proceeds Discussion Paper — September 2015

Comments on Initial Report on Data & Metrics for Policy Making   –  September 2015

Comments on Draft Report- Review of the Generic Names Supporting Organization — June 2015

Comments on the CWG 2nd Draft Proposal on IANA Stewardship Transition  — April 2015

Comments on ICANN Draft FY16 Operating Plan & Budget — March 2015



Comments on the Second Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT2) — December 2014

Comments on CWG Draft Proposal on IANA Stewardship Transition — December 2014

Comments on Board Working Group report on NomCom – November 2014

Comments on Geographic Names in new gTLDs— November 2014

Comments on the Proposed Bylaws Changes Regarding Consideration of GAC Advice – September 2014

Comments on the JAS Advisors Report on Name Collisions — March 2014



Comments on the Initial Report from the Expert Working Group (EWG) on gTLD Directory Services — September 2013

ISPCP wishes to express its strong support for the decision by the Board to prohibit the use of so-called “dotless domains” in the gTLD namespace.  September 2013

Comments on the ICANN staff proposal to mitigate name-collision risks — August 2013

Comments on the Initial Report on the Protection of IGO and INGO Identifiers — June 2013

Comments on the FY14 Draft Operating Plan and Budget — May 2013

Comments on the TMCH Strawman Solution — January 2013



Comments on Whois Implementation — Which Recommendations Require a PDP?  — October 2012

ISPCP Comments-on-the-WHOIS-Policy-Review-Team-Final-Report-2 Review-Team – September 2012

Initial input on the impact of new gTLDs on ICANN and its structure — September 2012 — Response to Board request for comments

Invitation to join ICANN GNSO ISPCP — September 2012 — Presentation to RIPE 65

ICANN SSR Role and Remit — June 2012 — Public comment

Comments on the WHOIS Policy Review Team Final Report — June 2012 — Public comment



Comments to US Dept. of Commerce — July 2006

Comments to LSE Public Policy Group Review of Generic Names Supporting Organization — September 2006



ISPCP Statement on the WHOIS staff report – 2005

ISPCP Statement on the Combined WHOIS Task Force — July 2005

ISPCP Statement on New gTLDs — 2005