Policy Resources

This is a page where we will add links to occasional policy-tutorials of interest to ISPs and connectivity providers.

Our first effort in this series:

IDNs — a brief whirlwind tour — this is a series of video conversations that cover the basics of IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) with an eye toward an ICANN community member that is participating in policy discussions about IDNs and would like an introduction to the basics of the technology and terminology.

New gTLDs — name collisions — this page is where the ISPCP is collecting useful links and resources that relate to the “name collision” issue that is emerging with the introduction of new gTLDs into the root.

New gTLDs — a “get ready” project — this page introduces a proposal for a “get ready for new gTLD name-collisions” project

GNSO Working Groups - a Newcomer Open House - Mikey O'Connor (former ISPCP member) moderated a Newcomer Open House Session for those participating in a GNSO PDP Working Group for the first time.